Roof cleaning, moss removal and protective coatings

We clean, remove moss and protect roofs throughout the Bournemouth and Dorset area.

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    Having your roof restored with TMCo not only dramatically prolongs the life of your roof but vastly enhances the aesthetics of your property and is the most cost effective alternative to roof replacement.

    TMCo are fully accredited by Smartseal UK Ltd a market leader in the sealant industry. This enables us to provide a 10 year guarantee on work and materials.

    Why have your roof restored?
    • Enhances the curb appeal of the property
    • Adds value to property 
    • Prevents discolouration of roof
    •  Reduces heat loss
    •  Breathable
    •  10 year guarantee
    •  Reduces the need to clear debris from gutters/associated cost to clear/   associated damp issues from gutters overflowing
    •  Restoring is a cost effective alternative to roof replacement
    •  Reduces your homes long term total cost of ownership


    TMCo’s roof restoration service vastly reduces the total cost of ownership within your property’s and/or service contracts, saving 10s or even 100s of thousands of pounds over its life expectancy.

    Also boasting green credentials recycling the structurally sounds pressed concrete tiles rather than removing, disposing of old tiles and replacing due to the deterioration of the pigmented factory applied sealer. As concrete has one of the highest carbon footprints to produce but has a long expected lifespan restoration over replacement is the smart option.

    Properties in the UK have an average expected roof life of around 50-70 years dependant on the materials used, location, weather conditions and most importantly the amount of moss, algae, lichen and fungal build up.

    As with any biological entity, moss, algae and lichen need nutrients to survive and multiply. Unfortunately these biological entities break down roof slates and tiles absorbing the minerals found within the materials used, causing not only premature failure and damage to the slates or tiles themselves but also causing damaging moisture retention.

    In winter this excess water retention can freeze, cracking and damaging your roof tiles and pointing. Dampness within the roof structure can also lead to rotting of roof joists resulting in costly repairs.

    TMCo firstly carries out a full risk assessment followed by assessing the moisture retention levels within the internal structure of the roof, secondly the condition of your ridge tiles and roof tiles, noting any problem areas that need attention.

    Our staff then replace any damaged or broken tiles or slates prior to cleaning. All downpipes are disconnected to prevent blockages and any areas likely to become soiled by debris are covered and cordoned off to unauthorised personnel. Using our range of industrial pressure washers our staff thoroughly remove all traces of dirt, moss, algae and lichen. An anti-fungal wash is then applied not only to kill moss, algae and lichen spores but to help prevent further growth of unwanted biological build up. Gutters, soffits, facias, Velux windows, chimney breasts and lead work are masked off to prevent overspray in preparation for sealing.

    Slates and Terracotta Tiles.

    TMCo highly recommends sealing slates and terracotta type tiles using our range of clear sealers. This process weather-proofs your roof and along with our fungicidal wash helps to prevent further biological growth.

    Our sealers are available in:

    Matte for a natural dry look.

    Gloss for that “wet look” shimmer.

    Pressed Concrete Tiles.

    Concrete is naturally grey in colour and very absorbent. The manufacturers of pressed concrete tiles apply a weatherproof pigmented sealer as part of their manufacturing process to enhance their aesthetics and most importantly keep your roof weather tight.

    The combination of natural deterioration and any form of pressure washing removes this weatherproof pigment leaving your roof patchy and uneven in colour.

    TMCo highly recommends a range of pigmented sealers that not only weatherproof your tiles but dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your roof. Smartseal’s market leading range of sealers are breathable and flexible allowing for natural expansion of your roof in hot weather.

    TMCo provides sealers in a wide range of colours.

  • "TMCo saved us thousands on a replacement drive! It looks better than new and is now water proof, resistant to oil stains and weed growth!"

    Customer in Bournemouth

  • "Really good service. Could not believe how quick the patio was cleaned , looks brand new."

    Customer in Bournemouth

  • "Outstanding service with an excellent result."

    Customer in Salisbury

  • "The company was very easy to deal with and replied speedily to initial enquiry. Quoted speedily and clearly and arranged for work to be done when convenient to us. Very satisfied with the end product - very tidy workers."

    Customer in Wimbourne

  • "As always the work was carried out to a high standard and service excellent. I would thoroughly recommend TMCo."

    Customer in Christchurch

  • "Work done by two young men who definitely deserve to succeed. I was impressed by all they did. They have invested in some really good equipment."

    Customer in New Milton

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